Aleksi Rajala


Aleksi Rajala hails from Finland, a country recently named the happiest in the world for the sixth consecutive time. Coincidentally, Aleksi has been living in Germany for the past six years, feeling a deep longing for his homeland. He yearns for the places of his childhood—Kotka, Valkmusa, Ruka, and Bengtskär. To capture this nostalgia, he has woven these locations into his music. His compositions blend elements of folk, classical, and jazz, evoking the moods of these cherished places. Alongside his music, he shares intriguing stories, such as why saunas in Germany are a misconception and how to defend oneself against Hirvikärpänen—flying moose ticks.

With a heart full of Nordic melancholy, western vintage and a flair for Spanish expressionism, Aleksi creates a soundscape that is both soothing and vibrant, yet refreshing. After studying at the esteemed Sibelius Academy in Helsinki and the University of Music and Performing Arts in Munich, he has won numerous international awards and demonstrated his musical sophistication across the globe.

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